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Permanent exhibition

Adventure Ship – Original ship rooms

The MS DRESDEN, a former cargo ship of the the Type IV series, brings the shipping world of the GDR in the 1950s and 1960s to life. The operating rooms are preserved in their original state and recreate life on board, right down to the galleys where food was prepared, the storage spaces, and the cargo areas.

In addition to the engine room, the command bridge and the radio room, the crew cabins, mess and hospital testify to the tough but also eventful everyday life of the sailors.

Exhibitions on the ship

In our permanent exhibition, you will learn about the shipbuilding history of the Baltic Sea region from the Slavic dugout boats to the modern steel cargo ships. The tour leads from the diorama of a sailing shipyard in Stralsund via the workshop of a ship’s carpenter of the 18th century to the new beginning of the shipyard industry after the Second World War. The focus is on the history of shipbuilding in the GDR.

As well as this,, we have a permanent exhibition that focuses on Rostock’s deep-sea fishery in the 20th century, which is supervised by the working team of the registered association Deep-sea Fishery Rostock.

How does energy flow from sea to land, and which investments, opportunities and challenges are involved? How can wind power contribute to the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables? The interactive exhibition on offshore wind power answers these and many other questions. The Offshore Information Center Rostock is a cooperation between the Rostock Business Organisation for economic and technology promotion, the Offshore-Windenergy Foundation, the registered association Wind Energy Network and the City of Rostock.

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