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Sponsors of the Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock

Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock

Promotion Society

The Promotion Society was founded in November 2002. It supports the Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock in the preservation, design and renewal of its collections, exhibitions and structures as well as in the exploration and portrayal of shipbuilding and shipping. It looks for and maintains connections with interested people in Germany and abroad, as well as with universities and colleges, maritime companies, institutions and associations and with the German Navy.


Förderkreis für das Schiffbau‐ und Schifffahrtsmuseum in der Hansestadt Rostock e.V.
c/o Schiffbau‐ und Schifffahrtsmuseum Rostock
IGA Rostock 2003 GmbH
Schmarl-Dorf 40, 18106 Rostock

The Promotion Society is looking for members. Become a member of the association and help us with various projects.

Deep-Sea Fishery Rostock (registered association)

Working group

In 2008, former employees of the Fischkombinat Rostock founded the working team "Tradition Deep-Sea Fishery Rostock", and on the 8th of October 2015 the founding meeting of Deep-Sea Fishery Rostock Working Group took place in Rostock-Schmarl.

The Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum has a long-standing partnership with the deep-sea fishermen of the region. In 2010, a large special exhibition on the DRESDEN was opened for the 60th anniversary of the Rostock fisheries, which was developed and supported by numerous former deep-sea fishermen. Finally, in 2014, a permanent exhibition on deep-sea fisheries in Rostock was opened on the DRESDEN and is supervised by the association.


Rostock Sailors (registered association)

Sailors who once sailed across the oceans on the ships of the German sea shipping company Rostock are the most important eyewitnesses for us, because they can bring their personal experience to what is displayed in the museum.

In 1996, former sailors founded an association with the aim of maintaining maritime traditions in general and of preserving the history of the German sea shipping company Rostock in particular. As former Type IV sailors, their primary focus was on the 10,000-ton DRESDEN, both as a technical monument and as a museum ship.

The members of the association support exhibition projects of the museum and help with conservation work. Along with other supporters, they made it possible to purchase a new ship's bell and an electric tyfon, and supported the radar on the bridge to get a new screen. On various occasions, the association members also take care of the flags of the museum vessel and are happy to answer questions from the visitors of the ship.

The members of the association meet regularly to chat about old times, to discuss the present and to make plans for the future.

On the 4th of October 2010, the association decided to open up to all sailors - whether former or present.

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