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Who we are at the Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock

Who we are

The Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock is a place for the maritime history of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in particular the City of Rostock. Here, maritime heritage is collected, documented and displayed. The aim is to to depict and examine the maritime history of this region in an international context, from its origins to the present day.

We see ourselves as a center of expertise, in which current regional maritime developments in business and culture are interwoven with current discourses and historical reconditioning.

The Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock is open to everyone. The exhibition and event program is geared towards our visitors' diverse interests and hopes to inspire them with the historical and current themes of the region's maritime culture and economy.

The members of our Promotion Society and other maritime associations have actively supported our work over the years, and continue to play an important role at the museum.


The Shipbuilding Museum of the GDR opened in 1970 on the ship-type PEACE, the former motor ship DRESDEN, of the German sea shipping company Rostock. Shortly before, in 1968, the Seafaring Museum opened in the building of the former Rostock Society. In 1990, both facilities were merged into the Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock. Since 2003, the museum belongs to the IGA Park.


The Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock aim is to continue to engage its visitors with exciting and relevant exhibits on the maritime history of this region. In order to do this, the museum has plans to redesign most of its exhibitions. This will require the refurbishment of the DRESDEN and its exhibition space as well as the construction of a new exhibition building.

The museum will focus on the impact of authentic objects from Rostock's collection, complemented by models, interactive stations and staging. Our dedicated staff will also have an essential role to play in presenting the exhibitions to our visitors.

The Shipbuilding and Seafaring Museum Rostock transferred from the cultural department of the City of Rostock in 2003 to the IGA Rostock. Since then it has been part of the IGA Park in Rostock-Schmarl.

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